Alpine Linux Training Course


Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight (80 MB) Linux distribution based on musl libc and BusyBox. Alpine Linux is produced by the makers of Docker and is one of several in the recent proliferation of distros tailored for virtualization, containerization and the cloud. Alpine Linux replaces Ubuntu as the official base image for Docker containers.

This training introduces Alpine Linux’s architecture and walks participants step-by-step through the setup of Alpine Linux in a live lab environment. By the end of this training, participants will have the knowledge and practice to deploy Alpine Linux as the foundation for running containers in development, test and production environments.


  • DevOps engineers
  • System administrators
  • Software engineers

Format of the course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, heavy hands-on practice


  • Experience with the Linux command line
  • Experience with container software
  • Experience with distributed applications

Course Outline


The Alpine Linux architecture

  • musl libc and BusyBox

Installing and configuring Alpine Linux

Configuring Networking

Deploying web servers on Alpine Linux

Deploying content management systems on Alpine Linux

Deploying system administration utilities on Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux security

Other container OSs and the future of the datacenter

Closing remarks

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