AssertJ: Fluent Assertion In Test Automation

Basics of AssertJ

Writing Fluent Assertions For Selenium Automation Tests

Extend Assertions For Page Objects

Extend Assertions For WebElements


  • Java
  • Selenium


AssertJ is a java library providing a rich set of assertions, helpful error messages, improves test code readability and is designed to be super easy to use within your favorite IDE. In this course, you will learn,

  • Basics of AssertJ
  • Writing Fluent Assert statements for Selenium Test Automation Scripts
  • Extending the assertions for Page Objects
  • Extending the assertions for WebElements

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in writing clean code

Course content

3 sections • 23 lectures • 1h 7m total lengthExpand all sections

AssertJ – Crash Course9 lectures • 27min

  • Introduction04:27
  • Maven Dependencies00:15
  • Project Setup02:39
  • String Assertion04:30
  • Q/A00:25
  • Soft Assertion02:52
  • List Assertion04:33
  • List Individual Item Assertion03:26
  • File Assertion04:16

Custom Assertion For Test Automation12 lectures • 39min

  • Custom Assertion Intro00:41
  • WebElementAssert – Implementation10:54
  • Base Test Implementation02:14
  • Search Test – Demo04:16
  • Attribute Value Assertion01:40
  • Base Page – Implementation03:56
  • Search Page – Implementation03:25
  • Custom Page Assert – Implementation02:51
  • Search Test – Refactor04:55
  • Search Test – Final Run00:53
  • Are We Complicating?01:28
  • What’s next?02:08

Resources2 lectures • 1min

  • Bonus Lecture00:40
  • Source Code00:02

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