Become a Scrum Guru the Easiest Way: Ultimate Scrum Guide

Expand your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices

Demonstrate to employers and peers your attainment of core Scrum knowledge

Learn the foundation of Scrum master role from the best minds in Scrum

Fill the role of ScrumMaster or Scrum team member

Gain an understanding of the Scrum framework, including team roles, activities, and artifacts


  • Have basic knowledge of the Agile methodology


Scrum is by far the most popular of the Agile frameworks for developing complex products. This course provides a working knowledge of the Scrum framework — the underlying principles, practices, techniques and skills necessary for you to succeed as a Scrum Master. If you are already on a Scrum team you will learn how to become a change agent to help your team achieve a higher level of success.

During the development of this course, my main focus remained on making this learning process easy and fun. I like teaching with a straight-to-the-point/no-fluff approach. This course has a good mix of video lectures, pdf guides, and quizzes in order to help you understand the objectives.

The course is a little over 1.5 hours and will also include resources for you to help out with the certification! I will eventually add practice exam questions as we progress in this class. There are several exercise files included in this course and more resources will be added on a weekly basis. You will go through the following 7 sections:

1. What is Scrum?

2. What are the 3 Scrum Roles?

3. What is the Process?

4. What are the 4 Scrum Ceremonies?

5. What are the 3 Artifacts of Scrum?

6. What are the 5 Values of Scrum?

7. What are the Top Scrum Terms?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Describe the Scrum framework to othersroles and responsibilitiesuse of each artifactpurpose of each meeting/ceremony

Explain the difference between the Scrum framework and other processes and systemscontrast with Waterfallcontrast ScrumMaster role with traditional rolescontrast the Scrum product backlog with traditional requirements

Be a successful Scrum Master for a Scrum teambe a change agent leaderfacilitate each type of Scrum meetingknow how to detect and correct potential impediments to Scrum successhelp a team adopt Scrum or improve their use of Scrumhave conversations about process, structures and valuesuse several conflict resolution techniques

Help a Scrum team plan successfullyplan a releaseplan a sprintcreate/maintain a prioritized product backlog

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who works on or with a Scrum team, or wants to learn what Scrum is all about
  • Executives, Managers, Programmers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Product Managers, Analysts, UI Designers, Architects, etc
  • Anyone responsible for a successful use and/or roll out of Scrum in a project/enterprise

Course content

11 sections • 41 lectures • 1h 13m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 1min

  • Introduction00:54

What is Scrum?4 lectures • 10min

  • Scrum Defined01:44
  • Scrum Goal01:29
  • Traditional Ways: How things were done in the past03:43
  • The Modern Scrum Way03:23

What are the important Scrum roles3 lectures • 9min

  • Product Owner03:12
  • The Scrum Master01:46
  • The Scrum Team04:00

The 3 Scrum Artifacts4 lectures • 8min

  • What is a story?03:57
  • The Sprint Backlog01:37
  • The Product Backlog01:04
  • The Burndown Chart01:17

The Scrum Process1 lecture • 5min

  • The Scrum Process Explained05:09

The 4 Scrum Ceremonies5 lectures • 9min

  • What are Ceremonies?00:40
  • First Ceremony: Sprint Planning Meeting01:34
  • Second Ceremony: Daily Scrum Meeting01:33
  • Third Ceremony: Sprint Review Meeting01:07
  • Fourth Ceremony: The Sprint Retrospective03:40

The 5 Values of Scrum5 lectures • 5min

  • First Value: Commitment00:52
  • Second Value: Focus01:10
  • Third Value: Openness01:01
  • Fourth Value: Courage00:58
  • Fifth Value: Respect01:16

Key Scrum Terms10 lectures • 10min

  • Terms – B00:54
  • Terms – D00:58
  • Terms – E01:01
  • Terms – F00:29
  • Terms – I00:30
  • Terms – P00:56
  • Terms – R00:29
  • Terms – S03:47
  • Terms – V00:32
  • Scrum Terms (Downloadable PDF)4 pages

Conclusion1 lecture • 2min

  • What’s Next?01:40

Exercise Files4 lectures • 0min

  • Burndown Chart1 page
  • Velocity Example1 page
  • Product Backlog1 page
  • Scrum Process1 page

Scrum Certification Resources3 lectures • 7min

  • Scrum Certification quiz with answers (1-10)01:51
  • Scrum Certification quiz with answers (11 – 20)03:08
  • Scrum Certification quiz with answers (21 – 30)01:49

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