ELI: Getting Started with Array-oriented Programming Training Course


ELI is an interactive array-oriented programming language system based on APL.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn how ELI is unique among other languages, including the original APL and Matlab as they step through the creation of a demo scientific application.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use ELI’s simple, succinct, expressive power to program in a dataflow style
  • Use ELI to program complex database systems
  • Understand ELI’s design and features, including symbol representation, scripting file facility, dictionaries, tables and SQL-like statements
  • Use the scripting file facility to organize programs in a fashion similar to using #include in C


  • Developers

Format of the course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


  • A general understanding of programming

Course Outline


Lexical elements

Type and Shape


Primitive Functions

System Functions and Variables

System Commands

Control Structures

Debug Code

GUI Interface

Closing remarks

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