Everything for Software Tester

Ready for facing Testing Interviews

Have complete understanding of Manual and Automation testing concepts.


  • Basic knowledge of Windows OS
  • Basic understanding of Testing Concepts


This course is specially designed for Software Testers, it cover almost all areas which are must for Software Testers

We started by going through Software Testing Basics like Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle. And, level up by understanding Software Testing Levels like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Acceptance Testing.

Then, check out the various Software Testing Types like Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing and Compliance Testing.

This course covers :-

Testing Fundamentals
Software Testing – Introduction – Importance
Seven Fundamental Principles of Testing 
Software Testing Life Cycle – STLC explained
Types of Testing

Manual Testing Tutorials for Beginners
Automation Testing
Unit Testing
Integration Testing 
System Testing
Smoke and Sanity Testing
What is Regression Testing?
Non – Functional Testing
TestCase Development
First Steps Test Case Development
Test Scenario 
Test Case Specifications
Test Basis
Traceability Matrix 
Testing Techniques

Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis
Decision Table Testing
State Transition Diagram
Use Case Testing
Testing Review
Test Management & Control

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers looking opportunity in Software Testing
  • Manual Tester, looking opportunity in automation testing

Course content

6 sections • 34 lectures • 4h 4m total lengthExpand all sections

Table Structure – Customers2 lectures • 4min

  • Table Structure – Customers03:56
  • Ask Question from Trainer00:11

Basics for SQL : For Database Testing10 lectures • 38min

  • Table Structure : Office00:27
  • Setup Table and Data for Practice06:25
  • All Videos and YouTube…! Good to Know01:58
  • Select All data from table01:40
  • Select data from few columns02:29
  • Select Unique data from table05:14
  • Group Functions05:52
  • Select Data with Sorting04:25
  • Select Data with where clause06:06
  • Select Data with Conditional OR03:47

Basics of Server Side Testing : Unix Commands7 lectures • 44min

  • Why Tester need to learn Unix ?06:08
  • Basic Commands04:07
  • Working with Log file04:32
  • Process command01:41
  • Data Backup commands09:55
  • Working with Memory02:48
  • File Permission14:38

Bug Reporting and Test Management using ALM and JIRA3 lectures • 14min

  • SetUp ALM Account for Practice02:36
  • Create Test Case02:22
  • Report a new Defect08:54

Bug Reporting using JIRA2 lectures • 12min

  • Search Issues in JIRA05:18
  • Report a new defect in JIRA06:42

Java Basics : For Software Testers10 lectures • 2hr 12min

  • Eclipse basics11:18
  • Start Java programming – Project & Package15:19
  • Variables & Constant11:14
  • Class & Object17:06
  • Methods in details21:11
  • Constructors10:48
  • Condition handling14:44
  • For Loop13:18
  • While Loop10:48
  • For Each loop06:14

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