Flutter with Dart Mobile Application Development Training Course Kowloon.

Flutter with Dart training course is for software and web developers who are looking to create and deploy highly responsive native apps using Google’s portable UI toolkit. If you have a background in JavaScript it will certainly prove beneficial – but if you have strong skills in other modern languages such as C#, Python or Java you should still get a lot out of our Flutter course as we’ll cover the fundamentals of Dart as we go along.


Course Outline


Installing Flutter

Overview of Flutter Features and Architecture

Choosing an IDE

Using the Dart Programming Language

Creating an Application

Using Templates and Scaffolding

Working with Widgets (Stateless vs Stateful)

Creating the User Interface

Reloading the App while Maintaining State (Hot Reloading)

Customizing the App with Layouts, Painting, and Animation

Adding Packages and Plugins

Accessing the Native Platform’s APIs

Testing the App


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