Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testingt

Web Application Security Testing

Nessus Scanner for Web Application Security Testing

OpenVAS Scanner for Host Scan

Nmap for Host and Web Application Security Scanning


Recon-ng Tool

Metasploit Framework


Browser Exploitation Framework(BeEF)


  • Basic knowledge of Computer network


Welcome to – Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

This course is developed to share real-world cybersecurity challenges and their solutions with a comprehensive approach from no-prior knowledge to advance level. With this course, you’ll not just get the information about fundamentals, technologies, tools, process but also get to know real-world use cases.

There is never been a better than today to kickstart your career in Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity. In order to developed an outcome-driven course module, we have used two approach: Bottom-up Approach and Project-based Approach.

Bottom-Up Approach: With this approach, we’ve broken down each complex topics and delivering into simplified way such as before getting started with Ethical Hacking we’ll go through  Linux and Networking fundamentals.

Project-Based Approach: With this approach, we’ve used real-world example and use cases to understand complex topics such as Understanding Vulnerabilities with real-world Mobile application, understanding web application threats using Linkedin Account hacking etc.

Learn about top Ethical hacking tools

  • You’ll learn the Blocks of Information Gathering.
  • You’ll learn about Vulnerabilities in detail.
  • You’ll do hands-on with Nessus Scanner
  • You’ll do hands-on with OpenVAS Scanner
  • You’ll hands-on with Nmap Scanner
  • You’ll learn using Recon-ng
  • You’ll learn fundamentals of SQL Injection attack.
  • You’ll do hands-on in setting up MySQL database from scratch.
  • You’ll lean how SQL Query works.

Who this course is for:

  • Security Analyst who want scan their complete Infrastructure including Network, database and Web Applications
  • Cybersecurity Engineers who want grow their tools and techniques knowledge

Course content

2 sections • 10 lectures • 1h 52m total lengthExpand all sections

Information Gathering Tools6 lectures • 1hr 1min

  • Nessus Scanner: Complete Host Scan13:43
  • Complete host Scan with OpenVAS11:27
  • Nmap | Host Discovery09:29
  • HTTP Enumeration with Nmap tool05:31
  • DirBuster for Sensitive Data Leakage12:39
  • Recon-ng tool | Discovering Email Accounts07:51

Exploitation Tools4 lectures • 52min

  • MSFVENON Tool – Building Payload13:10
  • SQL Injection attack with Burp-Suite09:49
  • Browser Exploitation Framework(BeEF)11:56
  • Linkedin Account hack with BeEF17:11

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