Introduction to Model Based Testing Training Course


Model-Based Testing (MBT) is a testing approach that uses models to represent the desired behavior of a system under test (SUT). It is an early stage testing approach that enables complete, highly-automated test coverage that is systematic and maintainable.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn the theory and practice of model-based testing as they implement the indicated tools and techniques in a demo Model-Based Testing (MBT) test environment.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Generate test cases by applying modeling strategies and techniques.
  • Assess and evaluate free and commercial tools for implementing MBT.
  • Manage test models for different types of software applications, systems and environments.
  • Evaluate, propose and implement an MBT strategy within an organization.
  • Understand and explain the benefits and challenges of MBT.

Format of the course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, exercises and heavy hands-on practice


  • Experience with software testing


  • Software test engineers, analysts, designers and managers
  • Developers

Course Outline


MBT vs conventional, script-based testing

Modeling concepts and techniques

Model-based test tools

Preparing the environment

Model-based test design and creation

Model-based test processes

Planning and implementation

Maintaining and extending MBT

Closing remarks

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