Scrum in 60 minutes! Agile Scrum from zero to Professional Scrum Master

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 51m)

  • 1. Introduction 0:11
  • 2. IMPORTANT Skillshare students 1:40
  • 3. Overview of Workflows and Approaches 1:45
  • 4. Traditional (Waterfall a like) 5:45
  • 5. Agile 6:19
  • 6. Traditional vs Agile 6:54
  • 7. Summary on Workflows and Approaches 2:38
  • 8. Agile Manifesto 2:06
  • 9. It’s Scrum time 0:15
  • 10. Scrum Overview 4:34
  • 11. Methodology vs Framework 3:58
  • 12. Scrum Roles 1:14
  • 13. Scrum Master (SM) 6:05
  • 14. Product Owner (PO) 5:29
  • 15. Development Team (Dev Team) 6:56
  • 16. Summary on Scrum Roles 0:58
  • 17. Scrum Events 1:00
  • 18. Daily Scrum 4:14
  • 19. Sprint Planning 6:40
  • 20. Sprint Review 6:33
  • 21. Sprint Retrospective 6:37
  • 22. Other Non-prescribed Events 1:37
  • 23. Summary on Scrum Events 3:06
  • 24. Scrum Artifacts 0:27
  • 25. Product Backlog 9:51
  • 26. Sprint Backlog 8:33
  • 27. Product Increment 2:44
  • 28. Other non-prescribed Artifacts 0:49
  • 29. Summary on Scrum Artifacts 0:23
  • 30. Thank you! 0:29
  • 31. Reminder on Scrum assessment

Do you want to learn Scrum quickly?

If yes, this training is for you & no prerequisites required even if you have no knowledge on Scrum!

This training will save you lot of time, money and efforts and will supply you with solid Scrum knowledge and help you to prepare for Scrum certification.

I will be completely focused on subject and will try to avoid unneeded things, so that we can cover all the fundamental things quickly within just a little more than 60 minutes in solid way.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a subset of Agile approach which commonly used as approach in Software Development. This will be covered in course.

Who should take is course?

This course of anyone who want to understand Scrum in solid way. Whether you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager, Team Member, business Stakeholder or simply someone who wants to understand what makes Scrum so popular, this is an ideal place to start. If you are about to prepare for Scrum Master certification or other Scrum Agile certifications, this class is exactly what you are looking for!

What will I learn?

In this course we will cover all the fundamentals needed for solid understanding of Scrum. This knowledge will benefit to your Scrum Master Certification preparation and to you ability implement Scrum in a propiriate way considering all the best practices. The following core chapters will be covered:

  1. Overview of Agile approach and how it correlates with Scrum framework
  2. Overview of Scrum Agile framework with its core values and principles
  3. Review of all the prescribed Scrum roles
  4. Review of all the prescribed Scrum events
  5. Review of all the prescribed Scrum artifatcs

This course could be considered as educational materials in the following fields: project managment, product management, product development, scrum methodology, scrum methodology tutorial, scrum tutorial, agile methodology, overview agile methodology steps.

Learning Advice:

Please watch training from first lesson to the end to get the materials in consistent way.


  • Anton Ohorodnyk

There is the scrum overview which you can find on different websites and books, but the main point of the course is to get an alive overview and a real help by the experienced manager. So, if you want to be in touch with the real manager which can consult you and use real experience, you must buy the course and follow the person as an experience to improve your skills and career. Thanks Alex for the help!

  • Melvar Miranda

Great course, lots of detail.. Many thanks for make it easy!

  • Kathleen Kreller

Great, fast overview with just enough detail to keep me interested.

  • Arfan Ahmed

Excellent course. Gave me good practical understanding of the subject.

  • Bob Miller

excellent course to learn processes and scrum

And many, many more…

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