Selenium Java Framework from Scratch

Create automation frameworks using Selenium in Java

Understand the basic concepts and working of Selenium

Understand the basic concepts of Automation Frameworks

Will be able to create test automation framework step by step


  • No prior knowledge is required
  • Designed for complete Beginners


This course if for complete Beginners.
You can take this course without any prior knowledge on Selenium, Java or Automation.

We will go very basic, Step-by-Step and learn – How to create a Selenium Java Framework

In this course we will learn:

  • How to setup a Selenium Java Project from scratch
  • How to create Selenium Java scripts
  • How to run tests on different browsers – Chrome, Firefox, IE
  • How to find Web Locators
  • How to setup Page Object Model – POM
  • How to use TestNG
  • How to use Extent Reports
  • How to create Data Driven tests using Excel file
  • How to do Logging
  • How to do Exception Handling
  • How to run tests on Headless Browser
  • and much much more…

Let’s Get Started…

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Selenium
  • Anyone who wants to learn to create Selenium Java Framework from scratch

Course content

25 sections • 44 lectures • 10h 52m total lengthExpand all sections

GETTING STARTED1 lecture • 18min

  • How to setup Selenium Java project in EclipsePreview17:45

Selenium New Website1 lecture • 5min

  • New Selenium Wesbite04:47

SETTING UP BROWSER TESTS3 lectures • 39min

  • How to run Selenium tests on Firefox | Geckodriver14:02
  • How to run Selenium tests on Chrome Browser13:36
  • How to run Selenium tests on Internet Explorer11:39

WEBDRIVER MANAGER1 lecture • 12min

  • WebDriver Manager | Automatic management of browser drivers for Selenium11:30

WEB ELEMENTS LOCATORS1 lecture • 18min

  • How to find Web Elements Locators in Selenium17:30

FIRST SELENIUM TEST1 lecture • 16min

  • How to create FIRST SELENIUM TEST in Java15:37

BONUS1 lecture • 8min

  • How Selenium Works | Selenium Architecture08:09

PAGE OBJECT MODEL2 lectures • 37min

  • What is Page Object Model (POM) | How to create POM in Selenium19:31
  • How to implement POM in Selenium Java17:37

TestNG2 lectures • 31min

  • What is TestNG | How to install TestNG for Selenium16:28
  • Selenium What is testng.xml | How to create testng.xml14:32

EXTENT REPORTS2 lectures • 40min

  • What is Extent Reports | How to use Extent Reports in Selenium24:03
  • How to use Extent Reports with TestNG in Selenium Java15:40


  • What is Desired Capabilities in Selenium | How to add Desired Capabilities11:43

LOG4J2 lectures • 31min

  • What is Log4j | How to add Log4j in java project21:18
  • How to add Log4j xml file in Java project09:21

EXCEPTION HANDLING1 lecture • 12min

  • How to do Exception Handling in Java Projects12:03

PROPERTIES FILE1 lecture • 26min

  • How to use Properties file in Selenium Java Project26:29

EXCEL FILE2 lectures • 1hr 2min

  • How to use Excel for getting data in Selenium Java Framework34:49
  • Selenium TestNG How to get data from Excel using DataProvider27:23

TESTNG – Important & Useful Concepts8 lectures • 1hr 39min

  • What are TestNG Listeners | How to use TestNG Listeners with Selenium28:09
  • Selenium TestNG | How to set Priority08:15
  • Selenium TestNG | How to do Multiple Browser Parallel Testing13:02
  • TestNG Grouping | How to group tests14:59
  • TestNG How to use Parameters07:58
  • TestNG How to create Dependencies08:39
  • TestNG How to Ignore Tests05:42
  • TestNG How to Rerun (Retry) Failed tests12:04

RECORDING1 lecture • 8min

  • Selenium How to Record tests08:11

WAITS2 lectures • 36min

  • Selenium Waits | How to use Implicit and Explicit waits18:59
  • What is fluent wait | How to use fluent wait in Selenium16:58

HEADLESS BROWSERS2 lectures • 18min

  • What are Headless Browsers | Selenium Beginners05:16
  • How to use Headless Chrome with Selenium13:00

AUTOIT1 lecture • 25min

  • What is AutoIT | How to use AutoIT with Selenium25:21

GIT | GITHUB1 lecture • 12min

  • How to add project to GitHUB | Selenium and GitHub12:09

Cloud Services and Infrastructure Providers2 lectures • 33min

  • How to run Selenium tests on SauceLabs20:24
  • What is Browser Stack | How to run Selenium tests on BrowserStack12:18

VISUAL VALIDATION1 lecture • 18min

  • Visual Validation | How to use Applitools with Selenium17:56

COMMAND LINE RUNS1 lecture • 15min

  • How to run TestNG with Maven Command Line14:54

JENKINS3 lectures • 23min

  • How to run Selenium tests on Jenkins10:32
  • How to publish TestNG results in Jenkins07:13
  • Jenkins Test Result Analyzer Plugin | Show Results in Table, Graphs & Pie Charts05:05

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