Adobe InDesign Training Course


The participant will be able to use Adobe InDesign to make all kinds of advertising materials:

  • books
  • leaflets
  • posters
  • banner


Computer literacy. Useful knowledge programs to vector and raster graphics.

Course Outline

Participants will learn how to:

  • Program the interface.
  • Set the size of projects.
  • Position auxiliary lines in the project including the distribution of the columns.
  • Save project files.
  • Use the tool palette.
  • Insert text and graphics from other files, programs including Microsoft Office.
  • Work with text frames, graphics in Adobe inDesign.
  • Employ tools for editing text and graphics.
  • Create texts ornamental.
  • Link text boxes in a logical string.
  • Create your own library of helpful tools such as.
  • Create custom style symbol characters, graphics, fonts and colors.
  • Save time by using the tools for fast switching styles created by them.
  • Create patterns of repetitive projects.
  • Work with the colors in a variety of pallets.
  • Work with multipage documents.
  • Number machines, setting the section.
  • Manage files attached from the outside.
  • Print the document.

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