Android Application Development Course Quezon City

Android is an open-source, customizable mobile operating system created by Google for use on touchscreen devices. It’s the most popular operating system in use today. While mainly installed on smartphones, it is also in use on other smart devices such as TVs and watches. With an estimated 2 billion mobile devices using the Android operating system, the market for Android applications is huge. Job opportunities for Android experts are vast and include positions for Android app developers, engineers, QA experts, UX designers, and more.

Getting Started with Android Programming

What is Android?

Obtaining the Required Tools

Creating Your First Android Application

Anatomy of an Android Application

Activities, Fragments, and Intents

Understanding Activities

Linking Activities Using Intents

Displaying Notifications


Getting to Know the Android User Interface

Understanding the Components of a Screen

Managing Changes to Screen Orientation

Creating the User Interface Programmatically


Displaying Pictures and Multimedia

Using Image Views to Display Pictures

Using Audio with Views

Using 2d animations


Data Persistence

Saving and Loading User Preferences

Creating and Using Databases


Location-Based Services

Displaying Maps

Getting Location Data

Monitoring a Location

Publishing Android Applications

Preparing for Publishing

Deploying APK Files


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