Our Apache Cassandra training course will help you understand the basics of Apache Cassandra including its features and purposes. The content of this training course will start with the basics of Cassandra including the requirement of the system and the ways to access the working files from the virtual machine. You will learn about how the data gets distributed over the virtual nodes and the data replication process. Later, you will learn how to deploy Cassandra in a machine by following the proper installation processes. Here, this Apache Cassandra training course will help you configuring the permission for Cassandra by accessing the System.log file. Next, you will know and learn about the process of creating a database including the processes of defining and deleting a keyspace on Cassandra.

Gradually, this Apache Cassandra training course will let you learn about the process of creating a table, defining data types, primary key and columns, reorganize the ways of clustering order and the ways of inserting and storing data. Then, you will learn how to define both the Primary and Secondary index in order to model the data and creating an application on Cassandra using high-level programming language like java. Here, you will learn about the query process, connecting methods for Cassandra cluster and the ways of configuring the development environment.


  • You have enough experience with Linux CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • You are required to have a clear understanding of database and data warehouse concepts
  • It is ideal if you have fluency in the Java programming language but not required

What will you gain after this course

  • The Data Science and Big Data Analytics course give down-to-earth establishment-level preparation that empowers prompt and successful interest in Big Data and different Analytics ventures.
  • It incorporates a prologue to Big Data and the Data Analytics lifecycle to address business challenges that influence Big Data. The course establishes essential and progressed systematic techniques and a prologue to Big Data Analytics innovation and instruments. Lab sessions offer chances to see how these strategies and devices might be connected to true business challenges by a rehearsing Data Scientist.
  • This course gives industry accreditation to business investigators, information distribution centre specialists or different experts with comparative foundations to help them change into the universe of Data Science and Big Data Analytics that has extraordinary difficulties and opportunities.


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