Big Data is no more a buzz word in the IT industry’s across the world, rather it is considered as one of the integrated parts of businesses regardless of the type and size of the business. The content of this training course will help you to learn about linear regression using one of the most widely used high-level programming languages using R. This course will also help you know and learn about the ways to interpret outputs from R. Gradually, you will learn how to use models in order to predict a response variable and validate the prediction of the model. Later, you will learn to work on the R programming language with multiple variables and the ways to select the most appropriate model by going through the most appropriate model from the output of the R programming language.

Later, we will let you know about the process to work on configurable nested data frames in R programming language. Through this course, you will also learn to implement simultaneous linear model, using R. Then, you will know and learn about the processes of working with Linear Regression (LR), Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). The last part of this training course is focused on supervised machine learning and deep learning.


  • You are required to have fluency in at least one or more high-level programming languages.
  • You must have strong knowledge of Data Warehousing.
  • Having fundamental knowledge of computational frameworks is ideal but not required.
  • It is expected that you have the required knowledge of statistics.
  • You are also expected to have a fundamental knowledge of the Business Process of the organization.

What will you gain after this course

  • You will be considered as a certified Big Data Analyst
  • With the help of this course, you can work at different and diversified job roles, related to Big Data.
  • This Course will give you excellent job opportunities in different industries in the market.


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