Big Data and R training Sri Lanka.

Big Data and R training conducted by Nisal Mihiranga and Organized by BlueChip Training  Consulting. It was held at Ceylinco General Insurance head office.


Course outline –

Module 1: Introduction to Big Data

Big Data – Current Industry Trends
Why Process Big Data?
Challenges in Data Processing
Why Hadoop?
Hadoop Network Structure
Hadoop Eco-System
Hadoop Core Components
Hadoop HDFS

Module 2: Exploring Big Data

Understanding ScaleR data sources
Reading data into an XDF object
Summarizing data in an XDF object

Module 3: Visualizing Big Data
Visualizing In-memory data
Visualizing big data

Module 4: Processing Big Data
Transforming Big Data
Managing datasets

Module 5: Parallelizing Analysis Operations
Using the RxLocalParallel compute context with rxExec
Using the revoPemaR package

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