CDCE is the premier certification for data centre professionals in the data centre design/build and related fields. This 5-day course is designed to prepare participants to analyze a given business case and perform a technical evaluation for a project plan and a set of designs for implementation of a mission-critical data centre. This course will let you learn and know about the phases and the stages of the lifecycle of a Data Center. Then, you will know about the primary and optional requirements of a Data Center. Gradually, you will be able to identify both the maintenance and setup levels of the Data Center. Later you will learn about the compliance issues of the Data Center. Through this course, you will also know about the contaminations and limitation factors of a data centre, as well.

Later, this training course will help you work on developing an energy-efficient Data Center, which also fulfils the purpose of the organization. Gradually, you will also be able to design and develop the SON (Statement of Need), required for a Data Center. This course will also help you to know about the process of Individual Equipment Test (IET) and Integrated Performance Verification Test (IPVT), as well.


  • You must have earned a CDCS (Certified Data Center Specialist) to get enrolled in the CDCE certification exam.
  • It is ideal to a fundamental knowledge on Data Center, but not required

What will you gain after this course

  • CDCE certification validates your capability to design, develop, and deploy a Data Center from the scratch.
  • You will be recognized as a certified Data Center Professional.
  • You can widen up the job opportunities with the help of this certification.


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