Certified DevOps Security Professional (CDSOP) is an instructor-led course where you will first get an overview of the security practices of DevOps (Development Operations). This course will allow the candidates to be familiar with generic security tools and their variations. You will also learn about how to anticipate attacks and take necessary measures to prevent those attacks. DevOps certification is an accredited credential, which endorses a particular set of competitive skills and subject matter that are essential for a successful DevOps Security Professional.

Security and networking are two key components covered by Certified DevOps Security Professionals (CDSOP). The content of this course demonstrates how to install and configure network and security protocols, required for the IT infrastructure of the organization. You need to know and learn about how to implement DevOps security practices to ensure implemented practice that meets the business of the organization.


  • Entry-level and Mid-level IT professionals.
  • Officially, no specific prerequisite is there for this particular course.
  • It is ideal but not required to have a basic understanding of application lifecycle management, installing, configuring, and validating a secure networking concept.

What will you gain after this course

  • Certified DevOps Security Professional (CDSOP) course can help IT, security professionals, to harness their skills and optimize the security issues of the organization.
  • Usually, IT professionals, who are working on Cloud computing and DevOps in Agile concepts can greatly be benefitted from the help of this course.
  • Furthermore, those who have the basic concept of Agile principal and DevOps concepts may also consider taking this course to accelerate their career path, as well.


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