Configuring Cisco 9800 Wireless LAN Controller (C98WLC) Singapore.

Configuring Cisco 9800 Wireless LAN Controller (C98WLC) Course Overview

Enroll for our 3-day Configuring Cisco 9800 Wireless LAN Controller (C98WLC) from Koenig Solutions. This course provides fundamental knowledge and configuration procedures for implementing Cisco Wireless solutions based on the 9800 IOS XE platform. This course is perfect for those who need to learn Cisco latest wireless technologies, whether you are new to Cisco wireless or have been using Cisco AireOS wireless products and want to know its next generation wireless system. This course will walk you through configuration step-by-step, and you will be able to get your wireless system up and running by the end of this course.

You will learn:

 Module 1: WLC Introduction
 Module 2: Cloud ESXi Installation
 Module 3: Cloud AWS Installation
 Module 4: License and Certificate Install
 Module 5: Introduction to Web Interface
 Module 6: WLC Configuration Fundamental
 Module 7: Access Point Registration
 Module 8: Access Point Authentication
 Module 9: Access Point Basic Configuration
 Module 10: Interface Type and Redundancy
 Module 11: WLAN SSID Configuration
 Module 12: WLC Access Point Sniffer Mode
 Module 13: WLC DHCP
 Module 14: L2 Security MAC Filtering
 Module 15: L2 Security WPA2 and 802.1X
 Module 16: L2 Security MPSK and Ipsk
 Module 17: L2 Security WPA3
 Module 18: L2 Security Local EAP
 Module 19: L3 Security Local Web Auth Portal
 Module 20: L3 Security Local Web Auth User
 Module 21: L3 Security Web Consent and Redirect
 Module 22: L3 Security Web Portal Customization

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