Create Server-less Applications Course Melbourne.

This course gives the student a deep dive into the use of Azure Functions, including the use of several tools for creating, running, and operating Azure Functions. Students should have a basic understanding of Azure and software development, be able to access a Windows virtual machine in Azure, and have fundamental knowledge of C#, Azure CLI, and a little bit of PowerShell.


Course outline


Azure Functions Basics

  • Serverless Computing and Azure Functions
  • Essential Concepts in Azure Functions
  • Hosting Azure Functions
  • Real-World Uses for Azure Functions


Creating Functions in the Portal

  • Create a Function App in the Portal
  • Create and Run a Function in the Portal
  • Exploring the HTTP Trigger Function and App, Part 1
  • Exploring the HTTP Trigger Function and App, Part 2


Developing Functions Locally

  • Introduction to Azure Functions Core Tools
  • Creating and Running a Function Locally
  • Deploying a Function App to Azure with the CLI


Functions with Event Grid, Timers, and CosmosDB

  • Timer-Based Functions
  • Event Grid Trigger Functions
  • Output JSON Data to CosmosDB


Long-Running and Durable Functions

  • Overview of Durable Functions
  • Implementing Durable Functions
  • Patterns in Durable Functions


Managing Functions

  • Using Deployment Slots
  • Managing Configurations
  • Version Management
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Security


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