Developing and Hosting SPA (ReactJS), WASM (Blazor) & PWA Course.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. As a developer, you can create large web applications in order to change data without reloading the page by using ReactJS. According to SimilarTech, the demand for remote React developers and ReactJS services have been growing exponentially over the past few years. It has become the best choice for users due to its simplicity, user-friendliness, native approach, data binding, performance, and testability. Blazor, part of the ASP.NET development platform for web apps, is an open source and cross-platform web UI framework for building single-page apps using .NET and C# instead of JavaScript, the traditional nearly ubiquitous go-to programming language for the web.


Course outline –

Introduction to React

Understand how react makes things perform, learn how to set up, run and debug a react app.

  • What is React?
  • Why React?
  • React version history
  • Just React – Hello World
  • Using create-react-app
  • Anatomy of react project
  • Running the app


Templating using JSX

Understand the significance of JSX and know its syntax and features.

  • Working with React create Element
  • Expressions
  • Using logical operators
  • Specifying attributes
  • Specifying children


React Components

Understand the significance of component architecture and learn how to decompose UI into components and compose them back to make UI.

  • Significance of component architecture
  • Types of components
  • Functional
  • Class based
  • Component Composition


Rendering lists

Learn how to render lists and use key prop.

  • Using react key prop
  • Using map function to iterate on arrays to generate elements


Event handling in React

Learn about React’s synthetic event system and its working.

  • Understanding React event system
  • Understanding Synthetic event
  • Passing arguments to event handlers


Working with forms

Understand how to handle forms in react.

  • Controlled components
  • Uncontrolled components
  • Understand the significance to defaultValue prop


Introduction to Blazor.

Understand how Blazor makes things perform, learn how to set up, run and debug.

  • Components
  • Web Assembly
  • Blazor Server



Understand how Blazor layout works in web page

  • Creating a Blazor layout
  • Using a layout
  • Nested layouts



Understand how Blazor routing technique for inspecting the browser’s URL and matching it up to a page to render.

  • Defining routes
  • Route parameters
  • Constraining route parameters
  • Optional route parameters
  • 404 – Not found



Learn how to create Blazor Forms

  • Editing form data
  • Descending from InputBase
  • Validation
  • Handling form submission
  • Accessing form state


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