DevOps Fundamental with Docker and Kubernetes Training Seoul

This 3 days course provides a basic introduction to the concept of DevOps with Docker and Kubernetes hands-on labs. It seeks to give the student a working knowledge of what DevOps is and how it impacts IT in the real world. This course explains the culture of DevOps as well as some of the main practices and tools associated with DevOps. It also introduces the student to the close relationship between DevOps and the cloud.

Upon completion, developers will have a solid understanding of the origin, architecture, and building blocks for Docker and Kubernetes, and will be able to begin testing the new cloud-native pattern to begin the cloud-native journey.

DevOps Concepts and Practices

Build Automation

Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

Infrastructure as Code

Configuration Management





DevOps and the Cloud

DevOps and Microsoft Azure

Introduction to DevOps Tools

Build Automation and Continuous Integration

Virtualization and Containerization

Tools for Monitoring



Understanding Docker

Virtual Machines vs Docker Containers

Installing Docker

Visualizing Docker’s Architecture

Hello World with Docker

Docker Images and Containers


Docker Compose in the Real World

Adding Docker Compose Support to Web App

Managing Web App with Docker Compose

C# / .NET Starter Project

Deploying and Scaling Docker


Understanding Kubernetes

Kubernetes Architecture

Set up your environment

Virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes

Set up and deploy your first application


Kubernetes in the Real World

Managing State with Deployments






Using Kubernetes Features






Practical Kubernetes Examples

Hello World




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