Drupal 8 Themes Training Course


This course deals with Drupal. The Drupal themes workshop enables the webdeveloper to create and modify Drupal Themes. Drupal Themes are very flexible, but only if you understand how the theme engines work. You will discover how to interactively change existing and create new themes from scratch. You will also learn basics of Twig template engine and how does Drupal 8 relate on it.


Website page creation. Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP OOP.

Course Outline

Panels and other modules related to theming

  • Drupal Layout Builder, Field Layout, Responsive Image
  • Panels, Panelizer, Page Manager
  • Display Suite

Structure of a Drupal Page
Sourcing Themes
Installing Themes
Modifying an existing Theme
Theme system

  • Theme engines
  • Twig Template Engine
  • Theming Blocks and Content Types
  • Template suggestions
  • Converting theme function to a template file

Cascading Style Sheets
Overriding existing Style Sheets
Creating a new theme from scratch
Devel Module

  • Drupal Web Profiler

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