EC-Council/Ethical Hacking Preparation Kandy.

Ethical Hacking Preparation Course Overview

If you are curious about new advancements and passionate about kicking off your career as a ethical hacker, then this course is for you! The Complete Ethical Hacking Preparation Course gives you a strong establishment on every topic you have to ace to pass the ethical hacking course. This course offers you a reasonable and organized way to get certified; as an ethical hacker. You’ll know the intricate details of cybersecurity, conquer security vulnerabilities, and even build up your own protection solutions for networks around the globe.

Module 1: Network Communication Basics

  • Introduction of OSI, and TCP/IP Model.
  • IpV4 and IPV6
  • Network Segmentation and Benefits sub netting.

Module 2: Server Introduction and Basics

  • Introduction and Working of Server
  • DNS Server and Types
  • DHCP Server and Types
  • SNMP Server and Types
  • LDAP/Active Directory working

Module 3: Linux Basics and Hands on practice

  • Introduction of Linux file system
  • Basic commands
  • Networking commands
  • Administration commands

Module 4: Network Design Principals and Best Practice

  • Introduction of Secure Network Design
  • DMZ and types
  • Typical corporate network design

Module 5: Introduction of Firewall

  • Host based and Network Firewall working.
  • Linux and Windows Host based firewall.

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