Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain Application Development Workshop at Indonesia

Recently I did one Day Ethereum and Hyperledger Blockchain Application Development Workshop at Singapore.

I covered following topics at the training.

Module 1: Blockchain Basics

Distributed systems

The history of blockchain

Introduction to blockchain

Types of blockchain

Benefits and limitations of blockchain

Module 2: Decentralization

Decentralization using blockchain

Methods of decentralization

Blockchain and full ecosystem decentralization

Smart contract

Decentralized applications

Platforms for decentralization

Module 3: Ethereum and Hyperledger basics


Ethereum blockchain

Hyperledger blockchain

Elements of the Ethereum blockchain

Elements of the Hyperledger blockchain



Clients and wallets

The Ethereum network

The Hyperledger network

Applications developed on Ethereum

Scalability and security issues

Module 4: Smart Contract Programming Basics

Advantages and Drawbacks of Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts with Solidity

The Layout of a Solidity File

Writing simple smart contract

Creating contracts

Using new keyword

Module 5: Ethereum Development

Setting up a development environment

Algorithms & Techniques

Development tools and clients

Introducing solidity

Decentralized Applications




6 attendees from following companies attended this workshop.

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