Our GDPR advanced training course is focused on the regulations those are related with the application development process, required policies and procedures for managing a project, data protection principles, managing and configuring Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), the importance and the relationship between the processors and the controllers, the legal requirements for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and so on. In this GDPR advanced training course, you will know and learn about the details regarding the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) along with the elements, which constitutes both the personal and the business data. Through this GDPR expert course, you will also learn about regular issues which are relevant to the failure of Data Security.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • A good understanding of the Data Protection Act is ideal but not required.
  • You have to be able to transfer business data by following the compliance of the company with the help of this course.

What will you gain after this course

  • Learn to manage organizational risk and use DPIA tools along with the process to conduct a data mapping exercise.
  • Know about the process of transferring data by following the compliance of the organization.
  • Learn about the GDPR compliant and the process of implementing the tools for assessing the compliance gap within the organization.
  • Learn to handling DSARs


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