Implementing High Availability in PostgreSQL Training Course


This training is designed for Database Administrators and Architects who want to learn Streaming Replication in PostgreSQL and how pgpool-II can be used to achieve automatic failovers and setup a highly available PostgreSQL Database Cluster.


It is recommended to take this training only if you have a prior knowledge of PostgreSQL.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Streaming Replication
    • Streaming Replication
    • Sync or Async
    • Cascaded Replication
    • Transaction Log Archiving
    • Base Backups
    • Setup Streaming
    • Monitoring Streaming
    • Handling Conflicts
  • High Availability Setup
    • Connection Pooling and HA setup using pgpool-II
      • Installation
      • Configuration
      • Pool Setup
      • HA Setup
    • Demos and Labs

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