Introduction to Linux Containers (LXC) Training Course


This course is addressed to Linux professionals (developers and system administrators) as a first introduction to container technologies. The course may also be interesting to people who are already familiar with Docker and want something else to compare it with. It is presented as a lecture with demonstrations that you can follow along on your Linux laptop.


  • Good knowledge of Linux command line utilities is required
  • Experience with virtualization technologies would be useful

Course Outline

  1. Use cases for virtualization and containers
  2. Kernel-level technologies that make containers work
  3. How to choose between virtual machines and containers
  4. Comparison of container technologies for Linux
  5. Installation of LXC
  6. Creating, cloning, starting and stopping containers
  7. Networking in containers
  8. Managing storage for containers
  9. Limiting resources accessible to a container
  10. Security considerations
  11. Unprivileged containers and UID/GID mapping
  12. Tools for container management
  13. Areas of current development: LXD, CRIU

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