Juniper is one of the leading computer network equipment manufacturers in the world, who are producing network switches, routers, firewalls, network OS (Operating System), and so on. This globally reputed vendor specific company has started offering training courses on the professional development of the IT professionals, more specifically the Network professionals. Routing and switching are two basic components of any computer network, regardless of the type and size of the network.

Juniper routing and switching service provider course (JNCIA – Junos) is designed for those who are willing to develop their career as a computer network administrator where they are required to deploy, configure, manage and monitor the network traffics using Juniper devices. JNCIA – Junos course will validate the capability of the individuals to set up and configure computer networks using Juniper made routers and switches.


  • The course has no specific prerequisites.
  • Beginner-intermediate knowledge of networking
  • Working with Juniper routers and switches would be ideal but not required.

What will you gain after this course

  • JNCIA – Junos course lets the candidates know the details about both the hardware and software components, designed and manufactured by Juniper.
  • The candidates will learn not only the features and the functions of the hardware devices (like a router, switches, access point, firewall, etc.) from the juniper production line, but they also learn about the fundamental features of JuniperOS (Juniper Operating System).
  • The candidates will also learn how to configure the user interfaces using the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • JNCIA – Junos course will deliver almost every technical aspect required for a Computer Network Administrator to keep the computer network of the IT infrastructure of an organization up, running, secure and stable.


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