KAIZEN Training Course


KAIZEN is derived from Japanese and means “continuous improvement”. It can be used in the workplace as well as in the work process.

Course Outline


  • Value of Improvement
  • Improvement and Management
  • Improvement and Total Quality Control (TQC)
  • Improvement and Recommendation System
  • Improvement and Competition
  • Process-Oriented Management and Results-Oriented Management

Comparison between East and West

  • Improvement and Innovation
  • Improvement and Measurement

Improvement from TQC

  • Quality Control – Manager’s Quality
  • Quality Control Method: Comparison between Japan and the West
  • Compliance with the PDCA Cycle
  • Improvement of Grass-Root Class 


  • Manager-Led Improvement
  • Improvement of Facility
  • Team-Led Improvement
  • Individual-Led Improvement


  • Cross-Functional Management
  • Policy Deployment
  • Quality Deployment
  • Comprehensive Production Maintenance

Ways to Solve Problems

  • Management Problems
  • Improve Activities and Labor-Management Relations
  • Labor and Management: Enemies or Allies
  • Senior Management Commitment

Change Corporate Culture

  • Customer: The Ultimate Referee of Quality
  • Supplier Relations Change Corporate Culture: Challenges Facing the West

Case Study

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