Learn Software Testing Certification course

Learn the importance of software testing and tricks of accurate testing in this software testing certification course.

About this Course

Software Testing is one of the most important and critical component of Software development life cycle. The testing team is ultimately responsible of Software quality and forms the bedrock before it goes out to actual users and to market place. Over the years with innovative development techniques the software testing and quality assurance field has undergone a sea change. With new techniques like TDD(Test driven development) taking hold in industry the software developers must understand the nuances of new approaches to software quality.

We at Eduonix always provide our students easy to grasp cutting edge technology training and this fun new course is aimed to get our Software quality Assurance professionals and developers both a quick but comprehensive training in the field of Software Testing.

This course of ours is divided into 8 main units:

 The first one introduces you to the basic software testing field.

 The second one teaches you to main software testing techniques

 The third one deals with the phases of testing

 The next one covers modern approaches to testing

 The fifth one covers the all important non functional testing and also teaches Metaspoilt

 You will also learn about testing peculiarities of different paltforms

 The next two chapters cover automated testing and test driven development

 We also have provided sample documents for test plan and penetration testing

So get this and a lot more in this amazing course. It is a must for both software developers and quality professionals.

Our course is one of the best online resources to Learn Software Testing. If you are a beginner or a well established industry professional. Our multipart online video course will introduce you to all the core concepts of Software Tesing in an easy and interactive way.

Course Content

Section 1 : Introduction

1). Introduction

Section 2 : What to Test and How to Test it?

2). Software Testing Fundamentals

3). Software Testing Fundamentals – Part 2

Section 3 : Common Phases of Testing

4). Phases of Software Testing

5). Phases of Software Testing – Part 2

Section 4 : Approaches to testing

6). Testing Approaches – Introduction

7). Testing Approaches – Part 2

Section 5 : Non Functional Testing

8). Fundamentals of Non Functional Testing

9). Non Functional Testing Techniques

10). Non Functional Testing Summary

11). Environment Setup -Demo

12). Environment Setup – Part 2

Section 6 : Platform Specialization

13). Platform Specialization

Section 7 : Test Automation

14). Test Automation Primer

Section 8 : Test Driven Development

15). Test Driven Development

Section 9 : Summary

16). Summary

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