Mathematica – wprowadzenie, wizualizacja i prezentacja danych Training Course


Mathematica consists of 20 years of creating the most powerful specialized mathematical software engine in the world.   

Its versatility makes it useful not only for doing basic academic calculations but also completing complicated calculations, like programming or numerical data presentations. 

Mathematica integrates software engines doing numerical and symbolic computationas well as graph analysis software, programming language, document formats and the possibility of publishing your work results. 

Thanks to multiplicity of its functions it’s a priceless tool for mathematicians, physicists, biologists, chemists, financial analysts, sociologists and many more professions that deal with data.

Participants will gain skills to

  • perform calculations efficiently
  • understanding program commands
  • creating text documents
  • building charts and graphs
  • data presentations


Basic knowledge of mathematical analysis and high school level mathematical competence.

Course Outline

Day One

Basics of working in Mathematica

  • notepad and its structure
  • cells
  • data
  • documents

Creating text documents

  • templates
  • text cells
  • saving documents

Mathematical expressions and operations

  • numerical and symbolic computation
  • variables and operators
  • functions
  • tables and matrices
  • strings
  • lists
  • tables
  • vectors

Basics of building charts and graphs

  • creating and editing charts
  • creating and editing graphs

Wolfram Alpha

Day Two

Issues in data presentation

Graphic design basics

  • Plot/Plot3D
  • GraphicsGrid
  • ParametricPlot/ParametricPlot3D
  • LogPlot
  • ContourPlot
  • DensityPlot
  • ListPlot/ListPlot3D
  • ListPointPlot3D
  • Histogram/Histogram3D
  • BarChart
  • PieChart/PieChart3D
  • PolyhedronData
  • RegionPlot/RegionPlot3D

Graphis design guide

  • directives
  • default values modifications

Predefined graphic objects

1. 2D Objects

  • arrow
  • Bezier curve
  • circle
  • filled curve
  • polyline
  • polygon
  • text

2. 3D Objects

  • cone
  • cuboid
  • cylinder
  • sphere

Creating a slide show


  • Animate function
  • Manipulate function

Graphics importing and exporting

Graphics editing

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