Microsoft Advanced Excel Workshop UAE.

Course Overview

The main purpose of the workshop is to learn advanced features and functions of Excel to improve productivity, enhance spreadsheets with templates, charts, and graphics, and streamline their operational work.


Using Formulas & Functions

Understanding Formulas & Functions

Quick Way to Insert a Function

How to Delete Values and not Formulas

Working with Logical Functions

Using SUMIF and COUNTIF Functions

Working with Text Functions

Working with Date and Time Functions

Working with Lookup Functions


Working with Charts in Excel 2016

Summarizing Data Visually Using Charts

Creating a Chart Quickly

Changing the Chart Type

Customizing Chart Data

Show or Hide Chart Gridlines

Creating a Pie Chart

Saving the Chart as a Template

Working with Pivot Tables

What is a Pivot Table?

Anatomy of a Pivot Table

How does a Pivot Table work

Create a Basic Pivot Table Report

Rearranging a Pivot Table Report

Customizing a Pivot Table

Changing Summary Calculations

Adding and Removing Subtotals

Sorting in a Pivot Table

Filtering in a Pivot Table

Create Report Filter Pages

Using Slicers in Pivot Table

Working with Pivot Chart


Data Modeling

Data versus diagram view

Data tables versus lookup tables

Creating and modifying table relationships

Differences between one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships Connecting multiple data tables


Power Query

Find and connect data across a wide variety of sources

Merge and shape data sources

Create custom views over data

Perform data cleansing operations

Import data from multiple log files




Calculated Columns

Editing a Calculated Field

Deleting a Calculated Field


Standard Parameters



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