.NET Core and Angular Training Course


.NET Core is an open-source framework for creating .NET applications on Windows, macOS
and Linux.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants will learn the .Net Core as they step
through the creation of a sample application that demonstrates .Net Core’s unique qualities
vs other frameworks. It also covers how to use Angular in an ASP.NET Core MVC project.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Setup .Net Core together with the tooling and IDEs needed to start developing right away.
  • Use .Net to build various types of software, including web applications, console applications, microservices and libraries.
  • Understand .Net Core’s components, including class libraries, packages, metapackages and frameworks.
  • Build libraries and applications in .NET Core.
  • Understand important aspects of developing high-quality software for release
  • Build apps with ASP.NET Core, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to leverage its features to build apps securely.
  • Front‐end development with ASP.NET Core MVC.
  • Frond‐end frameworks and tools, like Angular, Bootstrap, Nuget, Bower, webpack, Gulp, and Azure.
  • Create a Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code project that contains Angular, ASP.NET Core MVC and get them working together.
  • Use Entity Framework Core to store the application data and ASP.NET Core Identity to authenticate and authorize users.
  • Use ASP.NET Core packages to deliver functionality to Angular.


.NET Core

  •  Working knowledge of imperative, object-oriented programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java.
  •  Some proficiency with terminals or command lines and text editors.


  •  Working knowledge of ASP.NET Core MVC development and have a good understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Course Outline

Day 1:

.NET Core Overview

  • Advantage and differences from the .Net Framework

Building .NET Core applications

  • Installing the .NET Core SDK, Using the .NET CLI, Creating and executing .NET Core application

Build with .NET Core

  •  Frameworks, runtimes, and platforms, MSBuild fundamentals

Unit testing with xUnit

  •  Writing unit tests, facts and theories

Working with databases

  •  Relational, SQLite, Transforming data

Data access with ORM (object-relational mappers)

  •  Dapper vs Entity Framework Core

Creating a Microservice with ASP.NET Core



Performance and Profiling

  • xUnit.Performance, PerfView

Localizing your application
.NET Portability Analyzer
Preparing for release

  •  NuGet package, NuGet feed, Signing assemblies

Day 2:

ASP.NET Core Overview

Creating ASP.NET Core web application

  • Components

Handling requests with the middleware pipeline

  •  Service static files, adding functionality, combining middleware, handling exceptions

Using MVC in ASP.NET Core
Mapping URLs

  • Conventional routing, constraints and default values, Generating URLs

The Model Binding

  •  Validating user input

Using Razor Views
Using Tag Helpers
Creating a Web API

  •  Attribute routing, Content negotiation, XML formatting

Configuring service with dependency injection
Configuring ASP.NET Core application
Querying, creating, and updating data using Entity Framework Core
Using MVC filter pipeline
Using the ASP.NET Core Identity system
Securing your application
Publishing, Hosting ASP.NET Core application in IIS

  • Bundling and minification

Monitoring and troubleshooting

Day 3:

The Front‐End Developer Toolset Overview
Angular Concepts

  •  Creating the Project
  •  Creating the Data Model
  •  Creating a Web Service

Structuring an Angular Application
Creating the Angular Store
Using Angular with Blazor
Data binding & Directives
Services and Dependency Injection
Using Angular with ASP.NET MVC
Visual Studio Support for Angular
Bootstrap Concepts

  •  Bootstrap styles, Components

Managing Dependencies with NuGet and Bower
Building Application with Gulp and webpack
Creating Administration Features
Securing the Application
Deploying ASP.NET Core Angular application

  •  New Hosting Model, Installing on IIS, Azure, Docker Containers

Building ASP.NET CORE app outside of windows

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