Octave not only for programmers Training Course


Course is dedicated for those who would like to know an alternative program to the commercial MATLAB package. The three-day training provides comprehensive information on moving around the environment and performing the OCTAVE package for data analysis and engineering calculations. The training recipients are beginners but also those who know the program and would like to systematize their knowledge and improve their skills. Knowledge of other programming languages is not required, but it will greatly facilitate the learners’ acquisition of knowledge. The course will show you how to use the program in many practical examples.


  • Basic concept of undergraduate-level mathematical knowledge such as linear algebra, probablilty theory and statistics, as well as matrix
  • Basic computer operations
  • Preferably basic concept of another high-level programming language, such as C, PASCAL, FORTRAN, or BASIC, but not essential

Course Outline


Simple calculations

  • Starting Octave, Octave as a calculator, built-in functions

The Octave environment

  • Named variables, numbers and formatting, number representation and accuracy, loading and saving data

Arrays and vectors

  • Extracting elements from a vector, vector maths

Plotting graphs

  • Improving the presentation, multiple graphs and figures, saving and printing figures

Octave programming I: Script files

  • Creating and editing a script, running and debugging scripts,

Control statements

  • If else, switch, for, while

Octave programming II: Functions

Matrices and vectors

  • Matrix, the transpose operator, matrix creation functions, building composite matrices, matrices as tables, extracting bits of matrices, basic matrix functions

Linear and Nonlinear Equations

More graphs

  • Putting several graphs in one window, 3D plots, changing the viewpoint, plotting surfaces, images and movies,

 Eigenvectors and the Singular Value Decomposition

 Complex numbers

  • Plotting complex numbers,

 Statistics and data processing

 GUI Development

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