As you work in Office 365, you will find it easier to test your documents with others, no matter wherever you are working. on the, one drive, or even on your desktop and file explorer finder. All the candidates are required to do is just select the share button, this opens the share dialogue box. If you are required to show or share some document quickly, type their name, and click on the send button. Or, they can also copy the link of the document from the ‘copy link’ button, and then you can share that link through email, Instant Messenger (IM), and/or Added to a document. You can also select the type of sharing by clicking on the link settings.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • Prior experience of working with Office 365 is ideal but not required.
  • Basic knowledge of computer hardware and software is expected.

What will you gain after this course

  • Office 365 Intermediate training course is designed for generic to advanced level of computer engineers.
  • Usually, IT professionals who are required to work as part of a team or in charge to lead a development team will be greatly benefited from this training course, as they find it more easier and convenient to work in collaboration with others through the new features and functions of Office 365.


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