Pega for System Architects — DEPRECATED Training Course



  • System Architects

In this instructor-lead training, participants will learn:

  • how to develop business applications on the Pega Platform.
  • Pega’s rules-based architecture for setting up process flows, UI screens, automated decisions, and properties.
  • how to model real-world business processes.
  • how to enhance the design of the business application.
  • how to configure case and case processing behavior.
  • how to automate decision-making throughout an application
  • how to manage reference data to allow applications to adapt to changing business conditions.


  • Business application development experience
  • Experience dealing with real-world business processes challenges.
  • Familiarity with project methodologies such as Scrum, RUP or Waterfall.

Course Outline


Pega’s Business Application Platform

Prototyping an Application using Pega Express

Case Design using Designer Studio

Report Planning and Design

Application Design

Case Design

Data Model Design

Process Design

Decision Design

UI Design

Report Design

Data Management

Application Debugging

Closing Remarks

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