Power Apps is a combination of applications, connectors, data platforms, and services, which provides a dynamic application development environment to develop customized applications, as per the requirement of the business. you will learn about how to develop customized business applications that can easily fetch data either from the underlying data platform or from anyone among different online data sources like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, SQL, Microsoft 365, and so on.

This training course will show you how and why applications developed in Power Apps provide the required output for the business and the transformation capability from a manual business process to an automated business process. Besides that, you will also discover that the applications developed in Power App are truly responsive in terms of design and appearance and those apps can run flawlessly in any browser application or on any mobile device like smartphones and tablets.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • It is ideal that the Apps Developers have at least one year or more experience of working at the same and/or similar job role are the best fit for this training course, but not required.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Application development platform management is also considered as an added advantage for the candidates of this course.

What will you gain after this course

  • Power Apps beginner course is designed to provide the users with a better user experience and let the application developers develop feature-rich, customized applications for the users.
  • Power Apps is an excellent suit from Microsoft that is designed to change the experience of using and developing applications.
  • Candidates of this training course will also be able to automate the business process and integrate the features of Office 365.
  • Power Apps is a dynamic platform for developing applications, which is similar to Microsoft Cousin Flow.


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