Power Apps Intermediate training course is designed for both the application developers and the users. Power Apps is a dynamic application development tool, designed by Microsoft that gives the application developer enough freedom to develop feature-rich, customized applications, automate the business process, and integrate other Microsoft components with the applications. You will learn and know how to configure the Power Apps platform and then develop and deploy the application on that platform. This course will deliver the required knowledge about how to find and select a supported web browser application and device platform to run that application.

You will learn about how to download and install Power Apps from Google Play or App Store. To deploy a model-driven application, the candidates will know about the process of downloading and installing Dynamics 365 App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store. Using Power Apps, you may develop applications that can run from the SharePoint online page. Application developers can also work in collaboration while developing apps, through Microsoft Team.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • Though, it is ideal for you to have some prior knowledge of developing applications on the Microsoft Power Apps platform, but not required.
  • Sound knowledge and understanding about Microsoft Team and Microsoft SharePoint would also be considered as an added advantage for you.

What will you gain after this course

  • One of the key advantages of developing applications using the Power Apps platform is the quick development lifecycle of the application.
  • You can design, develop, and deploy their apps with the help of built-in default options, without writing any code.
  • This became very useful for the non-technical application developers, as they can even develop applications using Power Apps.
  • Another advantage of using the Power App platform is the convenient integration process of other Microsoft products with the application, as per the requirement of the business.


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