Programming in C# 7.0 with Visual Studio 2019/2022 Training Course


Target group:

Technical Team Leader, Software Developer

Learning objective:

The purpose of training is to understand the syntax of C# and topics related to object-oriented programming in C#.

During the course, students become familiar with the MSDN resources and tools to support the development process, such as Microsoft Visual Studio.


Knowledge of the basic phrases of software development.

Course Outline

The programming environment and explanation of .NET Core
– understanding Visual Studio 2019
– creating project and solution
– import of the libraries
– implementation of the solution

C# syntax
-data types, operators, and expressions
-loops, conditions
-creating methods
-handling exceptions
-invoking methods
-creating overloaded methods
-optional and output parameters in methods

Structures and collections
-implementation of structures and enum types
-organization of data in collections

Object-oriented programming
-event handlers
-creating classes
-defining and implementing of interfaces
-implementation of strong type collections
-creating class hierarchies
-extending the .net Framework or Core classes

Working with files
-reading and saving files
-serializing and deserializing XML, JSON
-working with I/O library

Working with databases
-creating and using Entity data models
-querying data by using LINQ
-updating data with LINQ
-remote access to data on the network
-data access through Web services (REST)

Multithreaded and asynchronous programming
-multithreading implementation using Lambda expressions and tasks
-preparing asynchronous operations
-concurrency synchronization for data access

Optional (if time permits):
-WPF Window Application project (.NET Framework)
-ASP.NET MVC Project (.NET framework or .net Core)
-access to the data in SQL Server Azure Database (Cloud)

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