Developing and working on the database using NoSQL is now being considered as a key skill in the arena of Big Data. The content of ‘Programming to NoSQL Data Storage Training’ is designed to let you know and learn about the process of storing data in a database without using tables. Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) works effectively as long as you are working with structured data, which fits perfectly with the rows and columns. But this course will provide you with adequate knowledge on how to work on unstructured data. This is where you are required to have enough skill in the NoSQL database management system. This course will let you learn about how to work with configurable schema, which is designed to handle information that is not a good fit for a table.

Through this course, you will learn how to deploy Cosmo-DB system in the IT infrastructure of the organization. Here, you will also learn about the difference between the schema-less and the relational model of data management. This course also includes the graph database training and the integration method of Mongo DB API (Application Programming Interface). Gradually, you will learn about how to extract data from different and diversified source (which are not structured) and develop a database using No-SQL. The key focus of this training is to make you an expert on working with the non-relational database.


  • You are expected to have a basic to advanced level of understanding of DBMS (Database Management System).
  • It is ideal if you have fluency in at least one high level language, but not required.

What will you gain after this course

The Data Science and Big Data Analytics course gives down to earth establishment level preparation that empowers prompt and successful interest in Big Data and different Analytics ventures. The course establishes essential and progressed systematic techniques and a prologue to Big Data Analytics innovation and instruments. Lab sessions offer chances to see how these strategies and devices might be connected to true business challenges by a rehearsing Data Scientist. This course gives industry accreditation to business investigators, information distribution centre specialists or different experts with comparative foundations to help them change into the universe of Data Science and Big Data Analytics that has extraordinary difficulties and opportunities.


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