React JS Training


Developed by Facebook and Instagram, React.js makes views easier to extend and maintain by unifying your markup with its corresponding view logic. React.js is currently used by over 94,000 sites around the web. With our React.js training, you learn how to develop consistent-looking, quick to code and easy-to-maintain front-end applications. You will also learn how to use the virtual DOM to make your GUI render faster. With our expert training, you will gain an in-depth understanding of a component’s lifecycles, states and props using React.js.

Session 1 – Introduction to ReactJS

•History of front end libraries
•Motivation for using React
•Key differentiators (Virtual DOM, One way binding)
•Thinking in React

Session 2 – React Components

•React component
•Render function
•Component API
•Component lifecycle

Session 3 – React internals

•Basic concept
•Component elements
•Render cycle

Session 4 – Component inter communication

•Component composition
•Pass data from parent to child
•Pass data from child to parent

Session 5 – Component styling

•CSS Modules

Session 7 – Performance optimizations

•Pure Render Mixin
•Expensive DOM manipulations
Performance tools

Session 8 – Working with API

•Dynamic data from the API
•Creating a state
•Calling the API


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