Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management Kandy.

Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management Course Overview

The Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management training and certification course will give you a detailed overview on a hybrid environment, configure Red Hat CloudForms to work with Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, deploy virtual machines (VMs) with templates and customization, produce chargeback reports on VM and resource use and automation, and perform policy-based management.

Who should do Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management training?

  • Cloud Administrators
  • Cloud Operators
  • Cloud Architects
  • DevOps Engineers

Module 1: Introduce Red Hat CloudForms

  • Introduce and describe CloudForms architecture and terminology.

Module 2: Implement CloudForms

  • Deploy and configure the CloudForms appliance.

Module 3: Connect to CloudForms providers

  • Connect CloudForms to infrastructure, cloud, and network providers.

Module 4: Organize CloudForms

Module 5: Provision virtual machines

  • Provision virtual machines (VMs) using CloudForms.

Module 6: Manage resource policies

  • Implement CloudForms control and compliance policies.

Module 7: Generate CloudForms reports

  • Display information on VMs and their resource use

Module 8: Manage the CloudForms lifecycle

  • Manage CloudForms lifecycle events.

Module 9: Analyze metrics with CloudForms Intelligence

  • Use CloudForms Intelligence metrics to analyze infrastructure utilization

Module 10: Configure CloudForms alerts

  • Set up alarms and triggers to monitor infrastructures.

Module 11: Automate tasks in CloudForms

  • Execute CloudForms automations to speed up delivery.

Module 12: Manage catalogs

  • Manage catalogs and order services from a catalog.

Module 13: CloudForms automation with Ansible

  • Automate CloudForms deployment with Ansible Tower by Red Ha



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