Running Your Own Chat Server with Rocket.Chat Training Course


Rocket.Chat is a popular open-source group chat application and server. Although the user interface is simple and clean, the system is powerful and complex. There are many configurable settings for different use-cases. Deploying the server, configuring it properly, managing and extending it can be challenging.

In this instructor-led, live course, we get you up and running fast, providing you the practical experience to deploy, manage and extend your own Rocket.Chat server.

Format of the Course

  • Part lecture, part discussion, heavy hands-on practice


  • Experience or interest in chat and collaboration.
  • System administration experience.


  • System administrators

Course Outline

Introduction to Rocket.Chat

  • Why Rocket.Chat?

Installing Rocket.Chat

  • Setting up the database, webserver, and Rocket.Chat service
  • Mobile and desktop apps

Administration and Configuration

  • Permissions
  • Settings
  • Integrations
  • Security


  • Working with Rocket.Chat’s APIs
  • Internals – how the code is organized


Rocket.Chat from the End-User’s Perspective

Summary and Conclusion

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