Selendroid: Automated Testing for Android Training Course


Selendroid is an open-source test automation framework for Android devices. It can be used to test native applications, hybrid applications and mobile websites running on real devices as well as emulators. Based on the Selenium Webdriver client API, it supports full integration with existing Selenium frameworks. Selendroid supports hot plugging of hardware devices and can be integrated as a node in Selenium Grid for large-scale parallel testing. It is compatible with the JSON Wire Protocol.

This instructor-led, live training introduces Selendroid, the Selenium framework, and walks participants through the setup, configuration and execution of automation tests in a live hands-on test environment. After the course, participants will have the knowledge and practice to carry out their own automated testing initiatives for Android devices.

Format of the Course

  • Interactive discussion + heavy hands-on practice


  • Experience with Selenium.
  • Knowledge of mobile app testing.


  • Test engineers

Course Outline


  • Native-mobile, hybrid mobile and web app test automation
  • Selendroid vs Appium

Overview of the Selendroid Architecture Components

  • Selendroid Client, Selendroid Server, AndroidDriver App, Selendroid-Standalone

Setting up a Selendroid Testing Environment

Choosing between Hardware and Emulator Testing

Running Selendroid-Standalone to Manage Test Devices

Running Selendroid Server for App Automation Testing

Writing Your First Test

Executing Your First Test

Interacting with Elements

Using the XML Viewer

Using Selendroid Inspector to Simplify Test Case Development

Integrating with Selenium Grid for Parallel Testing

Testing Gestures Using the Advanced User Interactions API

A Note about Multi-Touch Support

Writing Tests with Other WebDriver-Compatible Languages (JavaScript, Python, etc.)

Summary and Conclusion

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