Service Provider Routing and Switching, Specialist (JNCIS-SP) training course is designed for experienced computer networking professionals. All that you need to have is a basic to intermediate level of knowledge on routing and switching. This training will let you learn about protocol-independent routing and protocol-based routing, as well. Here, you will learn the details about different routing protocols like OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), IS-IS (Intermediate System to Intermediate System) protocol, spanning tree protocol, and so on. Through this course, you will be able to configure VLANs (Virtual LAN), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), the concept of IPv6, Tunneling, and High Availability as well.

To earn this certification, you have to take 65 multiple-choice questions exam within one hour and thirty minutes.


  • JNCIA – Junos Certification
  • Working experience as a Computer Network Analyst and/or similar position is ideal but not required.

What will you gain after this course

  • You will have more job opportunities with this certification.
  • This course will let you learn more about routing and switching protocols.
  • You can explore your potential on computer networking with the help of this course.
  • This course will help you identify the concepts and benefits of different routing protocols.
  • With this course’s help, you can quickly decide which protocol will fit best for the type of computer networking you are working on.


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