Smart solutions for HR Training Course



The aim of the training is to explain what are – and what are not – Smart solutions (Internet of Things, AI, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Metaverse) and to show the advantages and disadvantages of these technological worlds.

We will analyze Use Casa of companies that have implemented these solutions, explain the components of technology and profiles of candidates who could work on smart solutions and determine the ideal skills of a candidate for these positions.

In addition, together we will overcome fears of modern technologies and see how to use smart, among others, for company branding.

The training will be especially useful:

  • for HR department employees who want to understand smart solutions and thus reach candidates more effectively,
  • for people who want to strengthen their knowledge in the field of modern technologies,
  • for employees who want to conduct interesting campaigns in social media and develop Employer Branding with the use of smart solutions,
  • for people who need specifics: how the technology works, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much can I earn on it, how much are the costs, what employees may be interested in,
  • for decision-makers to be aware of what and how to talk to candidates about IoT / 5G / AR / blockchain,
  • for those who want to strengthen the personal brand of the company (associated, from now on, with smart solutions)


  • Practical knowledge gained in large-scale projects
  • Technical and business perspective
  • Common pitfalls and best practices
  • The only such training available on the Polish market

Course Outline

What are smart solutions?

  • Internet of Things,
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain

What stacks / layers / elements do smart consists of?

  • UX (user experience) layer
  • Technological layer
  • Market layer
  • Business layer
  • Physical Layer

How to look at modern technologies

  • Engineer look
  • Business outlook

What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart solutions?

Who do I need for a project (analysis of projects and profiles of ideal candidates)?

How to use HR in everyday duties:

  • Improving the health and safety of employees
  • Measure employee productivity
  • Real-time feedback collection
  • Increase the comfort of employees
  • Automation of payroll processing

How to use smart technologies for creative marketing and better branding?

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