Spring Boot for Beginners Training Course


Spring Boot is a Java-based web application development framework that favors convention over configuration. Spring Boot allows developers to create stand-alone, production-grade applications that “just run”, typically on an embedded instance of Tomcat, Jetty, or Undertow.

In this instructor-led, live training, participants learn the key features and architecture of Spring Boot, and its relationship to the underlying Spring framework. Ample opportunities for applying this knowledge and receiving feedback is provided by the instructor. Participants will carry out live, hands-on exercises on defining, configuring and deploying Spring applications.

By the end of the course participants will have the necessary knowledge and practice to rapidly deploy their own Spring application.

Format of the course

  • Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice. Most of the concepts are learned through samples, exercises and hands-on development.


  • Java development experience
  • Experience with Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security and Spring REST)
  • Experience with Maven or Gradle


  • Java web application developers

Course Outline


  • Spring Framework: from 2002 to now
  • Spring Boot: building on top of the Spring framework

Spring Boot Architecture and Fundamentals

Overview of MVC

Initializing a Project

Using Groovy to Script Spring Boot

Using Spring Boot CLI

Building and Deploying an Application

Using Templates to Serve up Dynamic HTML

Running Spring Boot Application Starters

Accessing Data with Spring Data

Configuring Spring Boot Properties

Spring Boot Metrics and Health Checks

Securing the Application with Spring Security

Authentication and Authorization

Interacting with a JMS Broker

Closing Remarks

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