Tableau Advanced Training Course


Tableau helps people see and understand data.

Course Outline

Introduction and Getting Started

  1. Filtering, Sorting & Grouping
    1. Advanced options for filtering and hiding
    2. Understanding many options for ordering and grouping your data
    3. Sort, Groups, Bins, Sets
    4. Interrelation between all options
  2. Working with Data in Tableau
    1. Dimension versus Measures
    2. Data types, Discrete versus Continous
    3. Joining Database sources,
    4. Inner, Left, Right join
    5. Blending different datasources in a single worksheet
    6. Working with extracts instead of live connections
    7. Data quality problems
    8. Metadata and sharing a connection
  3. Calculations on Data and Statistics
    1. Row-level calculations
    2. Aggregate calculations
    3. Arithmetic, string, date calculations
    4. Custom aggregations and calculated fields
    5. Control-flow calculations
    6. What is behind the scene
    7. Advanced Statistics
    8. Working with dates and times
  4. Table Calculations
    1. Quick table calculations
    2. Scope and direction
    3. Addressing and partitioning
    4. Advanced table calculations
  5. Advanced Geo techniques
    1. Building basic maps
    2. Geographic fields, map options
    3. Customizing a geographic view
    4. Web Map Service
    5. Visualizing non geographical data with background images
    6. Mapping tips
    7. Distance Calculations
  6. Parameters in tableau
    1. Creating parameters
    2. Parameters in calculated fields
    3. Parameter control options
    4. Enhancing analysis and visualizations with parameters
  7. Building Advanced Chart Visualizations
    1. Bar chart variations –bullet, bar-in-bar, highlights chart
    2. Date and time visualizations, gantt charts
    3. Stacked bars, treemaps, area charts, pie charts
    4. Heat map
    5. KPI chart
    6. Pareto chart
    7. Bullet chart
  8. Advanced formattting
    1. Labels
    2. Legends
    3. Highlighting
    4. Annotations
  9. Telling a data story with Dashboards
    1. Dashboard framework
    2. Filter actions
    3. Highlight actions
    4. URL actions
    5. Cascading filters
  10. Trends and Forecasting
    1. Understanding and Customizing trend lines
    2. Distributions
    3. Forecasting
  11. Integrating Tableau and R for advanced data analytics
    1. Possibility to include different data analytics methods in R on participants request

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