Advanced CakePHP Training Course


This instructor-led, live course is designed to help intermediary CakePHP developers access the more advanced features of CakePHP. Through explanations and guided practice, participants will be able to implement better features, stability, security and extensibility into their existing and future CakePHP projects.


  • CakePHP developers looking to further their knowledge and development skills

Format of the Course

  • Overview of CakePHP’s advanced features together with step-by-step development of a sample application.


  • Experience with CakePHP
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Development with PHP
  • Basic Linux experience

Course Outline


  • Model, View, Layer — beyond the basics

Working with View Templates

Advanced Routing

Authentication and Access Control

Advanced Search and Pagination

Exposing APIs with CakePHP

The Events System

Working with the Shell

Working with MySQL

Working with Javascript

Unit Testing Your Application

Protecting Your Application against Attacks

Customizing Your Application’s Behavior

Styling Your CakePHP Application with Boostrap

Summary and Conclusion

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