Building an AWS Cloud Adoption Business Case Singapore.

Building an AWS Cloud Adoption Business Case Course Overview

Overview The course is mainly designed for the participants to know the process of how to create a high-level directional business case for the adoption of the AWS Cloud. Participants will be learning the calculation of cost migration (TCM), cost of operation (TCO), and values which are benefited on migration; resource efficiency modelling; and cost optimization principles. These are all elements of a completed high-level business case. Participants will be developing a high level business case around their hypothetical customer and leave with the tools which are necessary also to run a business case in their own organization. Audience
  • Top management peoples like CFO, CEO and CIO
  • Executives who will be interested in developing a business case for AWS Cloud adoption
  • Any individuals who is responsible for writing the business case for AWS Cloud adoption


  • This bootcamp covers the following concepts:
  • Why Establishing a Business Case is Important
  • Building a Business Case Iteratively
  • Introduction to Cloud Economics
  • Calculating the Total Cost of Migration (TCM)
  • Calculating the Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Cost-Optimizing your Business Case
  • Strengthening Your Business Case By Adding Value (Intangible Benefits)
  • Calculating Key Business Metrics
  • o Marginal Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
  • o Net Present Value (NPV)
  • o Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
  • o Return on Investment (ROI)/The Payback Period
  • Dealing With Objections to Cloud Adoption
  • Pulling It All Together

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